Church is not a building

March 13, 2020

Dear Trinity Family:

You have received serval bulletins from me related to the COVID-19 virus and how it has affected our ability to worship together and do some of the important work of ministry. Now I wish to share some thoughts from my heart.

I am fully aware of how this affects you on a personal and spiritual level. We gather each week to celebrate how awesome is our God. We gather each week to share God’s love with one another and to support each other in their times of need. We gather to be inspired by the music and message. We will grieve the loss of these things. None of us knows how long it will be until we can again gather to worship.

But the church is more than a building or a time of worship. You are the church. During this time, reach out to others who might be feeling isolated or scared. Give them a call and let them know you care. Send notes of encouragement to those who are sick, grieving or dealing with other medical conditions. It isn’t as good as a Sunday hug but it is better than nothing. Continue to fill your spiritual needs through reading the Bible, praying, going online to find devotionals and more. Perhaps you could invite a friend to be a prayer partner during this time and read scripture and pray together over the phone.

We will be in the office next week from 9 until 1 to answer your calls, to check emails and continue the work of the church. If you have concerns or just need to talk, call and I will be glad to visit. I am working at getting my sermon in video format on the web, hopefully sometime early next week.

As we hold each other in prayer, share God’s love in any way we can and keep a positive attitude we can get through this. Our God is an Awesome God and in faith, we journey together.

In Christian Love

Pastor Bill