Service and faith

May 21, 2020

Dear Friends:

I hope you have been having a good week. As we prepare to celebrate Memorial Day let us remember its initial purpose, to remember those who have died in service to our country. We may not be able to get together, have picnics, or do all the other traditional activities associated with this unofficial start of summer, but we can spend a few moments in prayer and thanksgiving for those who now serve and remember those who served and died for our freedom.

We have a radio transmitter and will be working on getting it set up. This means that we will probably have the opportunity to worship from our cars starting May 31st. There are lots of rules we have to follow if we are to meet state guidelines. In next week’s letter, I will share all that is required. Because of the limitations, I know that these services will not work for everyone. We will continue our online services so you are invited to go to our website for the link to these services. As we move through the re-opening process, the restrictions for outside worship will loosen as well and make them more accessible for all.

Just a reminder:

TUMC Plant Sale: This Saturday, May 23 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon

We are having a modified plant sale this year in which our three greenhouse growers, Marilyn, Randy Grubbs, and Curt Alexander will have their usual vegetable, flower, and herb plants on sale. Rather than pricing items, we are asking for donations so we don’t have to make change. Checks will be accepted. We request you wear masks and practice social distancing.

This weekend in our worship service I have invited three of our veterans to share about faith and service. Because of that, we will not have a sermon as part of this letter. You will want to log onto our website for the link so you can hear them. May 24, 2020 service.

We continue to pray for patience as we continue to live with the stay home, stay safe orders. Our Bishop is requesting that churches remain closed, except for essential work, until at least mid-June. Marian or I will be in the office each weekday morning to take your calls.

Some Concerns that we have:

  • Those who are needing to be at work and dealing with the public: first responders, health care workers, grocery store employees, and more.
  • For all those who are ill from the virus and for those families who have lost loved ones to the virus.
  • For our new pastor Brad Beeman and his wife Dorothy at this time of transition.

Even though you can’t be with those having birthdays this week, sending emails or making phone calls are appreciated.

Always feel free to contact me by email or at home. I care about you and am glad to hear from you.

Hope you have had a great week.

Pastor Bill

Note: As we look ahead to holding “parking lot” worship, we would like to borrow a small canopy for our worship team. If you have one that you could loan the church, please contact the church or Pastor Bill.