Farewell from Bill and Jenny

June 25, 2020

Beloved Children of God,

In March, I began writing you weekly letters to keep you up to date on what was happening in the life of the church. Today, you are receiving my last one, a letter of gratitude, to all of you. 

The Apostle Paul, when writing to the church in Philippi wrote: “I am thankful for all of you every time I pray, and it is always a prayer full of joy.” Those are my thoughts about all of you and this church. The nine years we have journeyed together in ministry have been some of the best, richest, and most love-filled of my ministry. 

I am awed as to how you have welcomed me into the most vulnerable places in your lives. We have cried together as we said our farewells to beloved spouses, family, and friends holding on to the hope of resurrection. You have shared with me your health struggles and those of your family allowing me to walk beside you, holding you in prayer and love. To be allowed into those spaces is a trust I do not take lightly. 

It has been my greatest privilege to walk beside you in ministry. So many amazing things have happened at Trinity. You are a beacon on a hill. What we have accomplished would not have been possible without each of you. It is for these and many more reasons I am thankful for you every day and those are always prayers of joy. As I end my time with you, celebrating what God has done among us and through us, I also ask for your forgiveness. I know I am but an imperfect vessel that God chose to call into ministry. 

Jenny and I are overwhelmed by the love you have shown us during our time together. Your concern for us and our family has always touched us. We will never forget the study leave you sent us on. In so many ways you have shared with us how much you love us, care about us, and hold us in prayer. We are left humbled and in awe at this great gift of love which is a reminder of God’s love for each of us.

I ask that you give the same love and support to Brad and Dorothy who are coming to minister among you. As is our tradition, I will not be available for funerals or attend worship here so that he can have the space needed to do the work God has called him to do in this place. Know this, Jenny and I will continue to pray for you and hold you in our hearts. 

Shortly I will officially end 47 years of licensed and ordained ministry. I want to affirm that in all these years God has been faithful and “God is Good All the Time!” 

May the Peace of God be with you now and always and, until we meet again, know God is holding you in the palm of God’s hand. 

In Christian love and affection,

Pastor Bill Green

A Loving Farewell from Jenny

Each of you is forever a shining light in my heart—I will carry your light and grace with me always. I have appreciated the amazing variety of gifts that are present in our congregation and I have been blessed by each one of you! The radical hospitality and love you have shown radiates outward so far that surely it is felt around the world! You are in my deep and frequent prayers as our journeys now take different directions. 

Peace to your heart and joy for each day,