A woman sage of renown

September 24, 2020

Sages of Trinity,

A week ago Friday we lost one of the great women, great states-persons, great minds, and great advocates of our time. As diminutive in size as she was, she stood tall for more than justice. She stood for equal rights for women, and really, equal rights for all people. She inspired multiple generations with her ability to be consistent, fair, and just. Ruth Bader Ginsberg inspired my mother, my sister, and certainly my own daughters. If she could rise to the Supreme Court and serve it well for all those years, they too could rise to whatever they felt called to do. At this point, I don’t care whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, what stands out for me has nothing to do with partisan politics. And you know what, she didn’t care either. What matters most to her was the everyone was treated fairly, with dignity, and with equal justice for all.

At that moment when I first heard of her death, I was overwhelmed with emotion. It felt as though a huge hole had just been created in my heart and soul. For me, Judge Ginsberg knew who she was, and she knew what she was. She was a human being first, and a Supreme Court Justice second. She always saw herself as equal to…not above or below, but equal to anyone with whom she came in contact. She didn’t lord it over anyone. She took seriously the oath she took as a Justice. She was always able to listen with an open mind. She was able to articulate her opinions clearly and succinctly. Her opinions were not only well thought out, they were studied, researched, and checked over and over again before she shared them. When those around her disagreed, she didn’t judge them, didn’t complain, and didn’t fight back. If she was outvoted, she accepted the decisions. She was the epitome of a centrist. Yet maybe her greatest gift was that no matter who stood in front of her or beside her, she accepted them as equals, equals under the law, equal as human beings, and equal as children of a creator. She was, on every level, an aged sage for our time.

Finally, I have to share that there is a feeling of emptiness now that she’s gone, not hopelessness but a bit of emptiness. I had a trust in her ability to act with fairness that I don’t often see in others, whether Supreme Court Justices or others. One more thing before I close. I loved that she was able to laugh, sometimes even at herself. She never took herself so seriously as not having the ability to make fun of herself. Not once did she complain about the fact she had cancer. As a matter of fact, she didn’t allow that challenge to in any way inform who or what she was. She wasn’t defined by cancer. She defined the role it played in her life. She even laughed at that.

Whether you agree or disagree with my assessment of her, together let’s please pray for all of those walking by her as she lay in state in the Capitol rotunda. Please pray for all of those who are feeling that loss at the deepest levels, particularly her family. Please pray for our country as decisions are made on who and how to fill that opening. In other words, please pray. Amen

Pastor Brad

Some Concerns that we have:

  • For those who continue to go through physical struggles, those who are dealing with cancer, or other health situations. Prayers for those who are emotionally feeling lost and alone.
  • For people in the Gulf and East Coast of this country as hurricanes and tropical storms continue to stack up in the Atlantic and then unleash themselves on those already trying to recover.
  • For all the victims and firefighters dealing with the wildfires throughout the country.
  • For all those who are ill from the COVID-19 virus; for those families who have lost loved ones to the virus; and for all the first responders/essential workers.
  • For Katherine Parker, missionary to Nepal

Even though you can’t be with those having birthdays this week, sending emails or making phone calls are appreciated.

Parking lot service continues at 10:00 am. You can still view our service online. Just go to our webpage sequimtumc.org for a link to the service.

We still ask that you mail your contributions to the church and make sure to use our Post Office Box 3697 instead of our street address. We thank you for your continued support of our ministries here at Trinity.

Wildfire relief – can you help?

As of September 4, there were an estimated 180 homes that have been destroyed by wildfires in Washington State. Over the weekend the whole town of Malden (30 miles south of Spokane) was destroyed. The number of estimated homes and businesses doubled as a result. And still, the fires continue to burn. Four Long Term Recovery Organizations are being formed to manage recovery. The estimate for rebuilding a home is $72,000. FEMA will be taking applications from individuals for assistance. If approved, FEMA’s maximum allocation is $32,800 per application. The remaining funds will need to be provided by donations and grants. If you can help, please issue a check to Trinity UMC, indicating in the memo section: Advance #352. (These funds will be used in Washington State.) Contact Jan Kreidler (360-681-5027 or janet2.kreidler@gmail.com) if you have questions.

Support group for those experiencing loss

Becky Morgan and Kathleen Charters invite you to a scheduled Zoom meeting on support for those who grieve lost opportunities due to COVID-19, e.g., trips, birthday, and graduation celebrations, weddings, funerals, etc.

Topic: Challenges and Comfort
Time: Sep 15, 2020 01:30 AM Pacific Time
Every week on Tue, until Dec 15, 2020, 14 occurrences

Please contact Deacon Charters for the Zoom meeting schedule and link.

A new book study is coming soon – Right Here Right Now: The Practice of Christian Mindfulness, by Amy G. Oden.

Come and learn about Christian Mindfulness while also practicing and experiencing its benefits. This has been used since the beginnings of our faith, is rooted in Scripture, and historically encouraged by Christian leaders, including John Wesley. This prayerful practice fosters a deeper relationship with God so that we can become more centered and less reactive; lead a more authentic, compassionate life, and increase our sense of gratitude. It is also known for its stress reduction and physical and mental health benefits.

Dates/Time: 6 consecutive Wednesdays: Oct. 7,14,21,28 and Nov. 4,11. 2-3:30 pm
Where: We will meet online using Zoom
Books: Limited copies available for purchase at church office for $15. Used copies available at Amazon.com and a few copies will be in the church library to borrow.
Leader: Melody Romeo
To sign up or ask questions contact Melody Romeo: email: melodycoach@olypen.com or call 360-461-5595