Sermon study questions for Being Healed

Questions based on the Sermon for Sunday, January 31, 2020

In Search of the Kingdom of God – “Being Healed”

Matthew 8:5-10

  1. What matters and says a lot about us in our faith?
    • Examples: Posture, like language, like attitude
  2. What is the image related to being blessed?
    • Example: A person kneeling: honoring, being humble, contrite, humbly seeking
    • Example: God coming and kneeling before us with a desire to love us, help us, hold us, connect with us, offer us grace
  3. What is the overall purpose of the combination of the Beatitudes?
    • Example: Bringing of a new reality to this place; our lives, our relationships, the world that surrounds us
  4. What is the goal of the Beatitudes building on each other?
    • Example: Bring God’s order to earth; an order that brings order; a sequence that offers a roadmap to what God expects of us, hopes for us, and hopes for the world
  5. What is the significance of the placement of the Beatitudes at the beginning of Matthew chapter 5?
    • Example: The Beatitudes are the first overview of the teachings of Jesus; the foundation for everything that follows in the Gospel of Matthew
  6. What is mourning?
    • Example: Sadness, loss of a significant relationship shared between two or more people; creates a physical response: weeping, longing, missing a loved one
  7. What separates us from God?
    • Example: Actions that miss the mark; actions that cause the separation
  8. How do we re-establish a broken relationship with God?
    • Example: we mourn that loss, we seek to regain the relationship, we confess our role in the separation, we turn in a new direction
  9. What does God do in response to our efforts to regain our relationship with God?
    • Example: God kneels before us, listens intently, and offers us reconciliation, love, and grace, we are comforted and become whole in our relationship with our Creator