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Trinity United has limited capacity for events, including the 10 a.m. Sunday services, in accord with the state’s pandemic guidance. We have continued worship services online; please check the Sermons page.

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Discussion questions for February 14, 2021 sermon

What does it look like to celebrate each other?

  • the love we share?
  • the journey we travel together?
  • and the relationships which are still distant but moving toward getting back together?

Did you ever need to beg? How did that experience change you?

What is the Biblical meaning of “meek” (Praus)?

Example: the image of a gentled (not broken) horse – strength, power, beauty

Respond to the statement: “God does not want us beaten down or broken.”

What does God desire for us?

Example: to be his children, with strengths, character, power, discipline, direction, trust in God to take the lead

What do we need to acknowledge in our relationship with God?