Announcements September 2 – 11, 2021

Note: Memorial Service for Nancy Hill tomorrow, Friday, Sept. 3, 1 pm here at TUMC

The Church Office will be closed Monday September 6 for Labor Day.

Sunday In-Person Services

Sunday services are now being held in the church at 10am. For Sunday Services Covid safety guidelines will be followed: wear masks; sign in when you arrive; practice social distancing and no singing.

Special Charge Conference

There will be a Special Charge Conference for Sequim: Trinity United Methodist Church on Thursday, 9 September 2021 at 1:00 pm and this is in accordance with ¶246.7 of The 2016 Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church. The sole purpose of this Special Charge Conference is to receive and approve a new compensation package for the pastor. This will begin the Ad Council meeting on September 9th.

Notes from Pastor Joey

I am excited to begin as interim pastor of Trinity UMC. My plan will be to be in the office Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Please note that this is subject to change due to meetings, visits, appointments, and the unexpected. If you want to talk with me, I prefer that you make an appointment. The intent is not to be formal, but I would hate to miss you if you simply stop by. I want to have time to be present with each person. My email address will be My cell phone is in use when I travel, but otherwise, it is in a drawer. I plan to check my email at least once a day. I look forward to being present to you in the present!

OnLine Video-Taped Services

The Sunday service is being filmed and available online the next day, Monday.

Let’s give Trinity some TLC!

Come on out to Trinity TLC where we do light maintenance around the Church while sharing in fellowship. We meet every two weeks, and our next meeting is Friday, September 3 at 9:30 AM for a couple of hours. We will be cutting grass, doing light maintenance and upkeep, some summertime work, and of course having a cup of coffee and light eats. All are welcome! For more info, call Andy Pitts at 804-724-3401.

Education Committee Introductory Meeting

Have you considered joining the Education Committee’s team? Would you like to learn more about it first?

Come and meet with us at 11:15 am, after church, in the fellowship hall, on Sunday September 5th. We will begin to discuss our mission, directions, and ideas together and you can decide if you are interested. We will also determine our meeting times and frequency.

At this time our committee will foster our Adult Education. This already encompasses Trinity U and the various courses offered to foster spiritual and personal growth, biblical understanding, and other needs in our church and community.

TUMC’s mission statement is WELCOME, GROW, EMPOWER, SERVE

As the Education Team, we have work to do to promote the growth of people in our church and community. This is a key part of our Church’s Mission Statement. We need to be Empowered by developing ourselves as people of faith. This makes us better at Welcoming and Serving.

If you have questions, please contact Melody Romeo at or call her cellphone: 360 461-5595.

Help for Haiti

United Methodists are working with longtime partners in Haiti to respond after a 7.2-magnitude earthquake and as a major storm approaches. The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is collecting donations and working on next steps to help the impoverished country, which also faces political unrest, gang violence, and COVID-19.

United Methodists are reaching out with their prayers and pocketbooks. You may go online to make a donation or write a check to Trinity United Methodist Church and write International Disaster Response and Recovery Advance #982450 on the memo line. The relief arm, part of the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries, also is in conversation with partners on the ground about next steps. “In the aftermath of Saturday’s earthquake, we grieve alongside the people of Haiti as the staggering loss of life and level of devastation becomes clear,” said Roland Fernandes, the top executive of Global Ministries and UMCOR.

August 29, 2021 Noisy Can Offering

Thank you for your most generous donations of over $900 which will go toward a Sequim Education Foundation grant, Accelerated Reader online reading for fourth-grade students. This is a subscription service for students to access books at their instructional level online. It offers books as well as questions and activities to assist with comprehension.

Sea to Sound

Mickey Dickey, a 101-year-old TUMC member, participated in Sea To Sound in August, a 74-mile, three-day, multi-modal group ride spanning the entire length of the Olympic Discovery Trail. This event was a fundraiser for Ian’s Ride, a non-profit organization that promotes outdoor accessibility for those with mobility impairment. Mickey rode her motorized scooter on a portion of this trail from Fifth Ave and Hendrickson to Carrie Blake Park.

Mickey is pictured here with Ian Mackay of Ian’s Ride.

Mickey Dickey in Sea to Sound
Mickey Dickey in Sea to Sound, pictured with Ian Mackay of Ian’s Ride.

Community Outreach Updates

Community Recognition events

22 Sept 22, 11:30-1:30 CBP James Center area – those who participated in the COVID Food Distribution and/or Vaccination Clinic. This event is for YOU, those who volunteer their valuable time, It is free and there will be door prizes!
Contact Jim Stoffer at 360.775.9356 for additional information regarding both events.

Recommended Reading from our Lay Leader

“Three Simple Rules, A Wesleyan Way of Living” by Rueben P. Job. “Do No Harm, Do Good, & Stay in Love With God”
Jim, TUMC Lay Leader

Exposure to COVID

If you have been in the church and find out later that you were exposed to COVID prior to being here, please contact Jim Stoffer, 360-775-9356 or and the church office, 360-683-5367 or There are steps and processes that we will need to take to ensure the health and safety of TUMC and our community.

Home Maintenance Funds Available

TUMC Missions Ministry has limited funds available to help folks at church and others in our community with necessary home maintenance projects. This might include basic home repairs, yard cleanup, ramps, grab bars and other in-home needs. One household could receive one grant per year with a maximum limit of up to $500. Confidential requests will go through Lois’s Legacy. Contact Senior Ministries Office 360-683-4307 for further information.

Office Hours

TUMC Office hours are 9 am-2 pm Monday through Friday. Remember to follow COVID-19 protocols: wear masks; sign in when you arrive; and practice social distancing.

The Church office will be closed Monday September 6 for Labor Day.

Trinity United Methodist Church mission statement
Trinity United Methodist Church mission statement