State of the Church: A Celebration

October 28, 2021

One quality of a good leader is the ability to access the state of affairs realistically. In her Ad Council report, as Chairwoman, Margaret Cox has presented a great snapshot of Trinity over the course of the past year. At the end of her report, she invites you to read the other reports. To see all the reports (for those who will not be at Charge Conference) reserve a copy with Marian in the office. – Pastor Joey

State of the Church: A Celebration!

(Administrative Council Annual Report)

What did you think when you read on the cover of these reports, A Celebration!? A celebration of the past nineteen months? You gotta be kidding!”

No, we aren’t kidding. Our intent is for you to see that, in spite of the pandemic, those in leadership, those who attend services at TUMC and, indeed, the entire community of Sequim, have much to celebrate and be grateful for.

Of the past nineteen months we could have felt, “Woe is me; what are we to do?” Or, we could exercise resilience, which the American Psychological Association defines as: the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or significant sources of stress. Throughout this Annual Report, you will find evidence of the many ways TUMC has demonstrated that resilience.

First, let’s get the bad stuff out of the way:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic began in earnest in March, 2020. Nobody—and no institution—has been the same since.
  • Worship services and all activities in the building were cancelled.
  • On June 30, 2020, we said goodbye to our beloved Pastor, Bill Green
  • In March, 2021, our new pastor, Brad Beeman was stricken with a severe heart attack which necessitated months of medical leave.
  • The church went through a period of uncertainty, many different people preaching from the pulpit every Sunday, leadership uncertain.
  • On August 2, it was determined Pastor Brad would be on indefinite leave. Who would be our spiritual leader?

Okay . . . there you have the challenges out of the way; and now . . . on to the good stuff! Just a few examples from what you’ll find within this document:

  • To make regular worship services available and meaningful, they were continually modified in creative ways.
  • On July 1, 2020, we welcomed a new pastor who brought fresh ideas and an enthusiasm for serving the community.
  • Under Pastor Brad’s leadership, TUMC became the staging area for the COVID-19 vaccination program sponsored by the Jamestown Tribe.
  • TUMC became instrumental in assisting the Food Bank in distributing food boxes.
  • Meetings and Bible studies were often held via Zoom, a chat platform most of us had not heard of before!
  • New ways were found to keep people in connection with one another.
  • On September 1st, an interim pastor, Joey Olson, came out of retirement to lead us until June 30, 2022.
  • Appreciation to all TUMC’s staff and Music Team who have continued to work creatively around multiple challenges, for the benefit of us all.
  • A much-needed facelift for the narthex and fellowship hall is currently underway.

As you read the “celebrations of all things good” in this report, reflect on 2 Timothy 1:7, in which resilience is defined for us Christians: For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

Truly, our TUMC leadership and congregation have exhibited those characteristics in maintaining and growing their faith and support in spite of adversity. Read on . . . and celebrate with us!

God bless you.

Margaret Cox, Chair, Administrative Council

Some Concerns that we have:

  • Pastor Brad and Dorothy for Brad’s health issues.
  • For those who continue to go through physical struggles, those who are dealing with cancer, or other health situations. For those who are emotionally feeling lost and alone.
  • For those who haven’t been vaccinated yet; for all those who are ill from the Covid-19 virus; for those families who have lost loved ones to the virus; and for essential workers.
  • For peace in our country.
  • For Katherine Parker, missionary to Nepal.