Happy New Year!

December 29, 2021

From Pastor Joey

Happy New Year!

Am I the only one astonished that it will soon be 2022? I do give thanks for our blessed Advent and Christmas Season and the many, many people who served to make the worship meaningful during this challenging time.

The first of the calendar year signals the time of Epiphany. In the Christian church, the Season of Epiphany is much more than just an “ah-ha” moment. It is the time of the celebration of the manifestation of God incarnate as Jesus Christ. One event of epiphany is the visit of the Magi to the Christ Child. During the visit, these Gentiles knelt down and adored the child.

Through the month of January, I will be using another symbol of the season, Light! The beautiful beginning of the Gospel of John proclaims of the Word:

“What comes into being in him was life,
and the life was the light of all people.
The light shines in the darkness
and the darkness did not overcome it.” (NRSV).

Winter can be for many, a time when the darkness gets us down. I am choosing the Gospel of John for the entire month of January to focus on Jesus who proclaims, “I am the light of the world.” As a community of faith, I invite us to focus on the God of love and the many ways that he brings light to us when we are down. Along with Sunday service, I am asking that each of us read the Gospel of John during the month. Along with the reading, Marian is sending a link from Adam Hamilton and Church of the Resurrection so that you can participate in his Bible study on the gospel. As we worship, study, and pray together, I hope that each one of us will be renewed by this amazing Gospel and its message of Jesus, the Word made flesh who lives among us.

Worship During January

January 2 — John 1:1-18 The Light Shines In the Darkness
January 9 — John 4:7-30 A Spring of Water Gushing To Eternal Life
January 16 — John 8:1-12 Stone Throwing
January 23 — John 12:1-8 Anointing
January 30 — John 20:11-18 The Garden

As we continue to be and become God’s light for the world, let us celebrate the power of His love to comfort and change a very darkened world.

Prayer Concerns that we have

  • For those who continue to go through physical struggles, those who are dealing with cancer, or other health situations. For those who are emotionally feeling lost and alone.
  • For those who haven’t been vaccinated yet; for all those who are ill from the Covid-19 virus; for those families who have lost loved ones to the virus; and for essential workers.
  • For peace in our country.
  • For Katherine Parker, missionary to Nepal.