July 2, 2020

Saints of Trinity,

What a privilege it is to be stepping in as your Lead Pastor. As we begin our relationship together, both Dorothy and I want to first thank Bill and Jenny for their hospitality; and thank Patricia and Wayne Guthrie for all they’ve done to make the transition as smooth as possible. I’ve now met many of the staff and find them to be an amazing group. I look forward to spending time with those I have yet to meet. Maybe more than anything, I am looking forward to spending time with you, each of you, even in this challenging time. It’s my hope that we can mobilize the Neighborhood Groups and have some small, informal, face to face gatherings just to get to know one another. Even if the eight current groups needed to split in half in order to meet the Governor’s requirements, I am more than happy to travel to wherever you may be to sit with you. Yet, as those gatherings are being organized I have a favor to ask.

I’ve developed a two page questionnaire that I would love to have you, if willing, fill out and get back to me. Some of the questions are simple. Others may take some thought. The purpose is to get to know you, and in so doing, get to know the church. My hope is to create a notebook with names and pictures and some of the answers that allow me to more fully understand your hopes and needs, your hobbies and interests, and even your understanding of your faith. Out of these I will develop any number of sermon series that will fit the needs and dreams of the church. So here is what I’m asking.

Download the questionnaire. Take some time with it. Answer the questions that you’re comfortable answering; and yes, even answer some of those you may be less comfortable answering. Once done, drop it by the office, or put it in my box, or mail it to the church, or if you want, scan and email it back to me at I assure you that it will stay confidential. And, given that I would never ask you to do anything I’m unwilling to do, here are the answers to my questionnaire.

My name is Bradley Paul Beeman. I go by Brad or Pastor Brad. My home community is Dungeness Meadows, just south of town off of River Road. I’m married to Dorothy. We have four children, all grown. My preferred contact, at least at this point, is either by email (see above) or on my cell. I’ve attended Trinity for one day. I came to Trinity because I asked to come and the Bishop said, “Yes.” I’m staying because I feel called to this church, this community, particularly in this time. The most important thing we do at Trinity, at least for me right now, is to get to know you.

The next question is, “I need my pastor to be…” Instead, let me answer the question, ‘I need my congregation to be’ as open and honest with me as possible, so that I can serve you in ways that will help further our call in this church, this community and in the world. As a Christian I am a moderate (4) with some conservative leanings. Yet I also feel as though offering ourselves to others in need is what completes us as Christians. Jesus is my guide, my savior, my rock. God is the Creator of the Universe, larger than I can contemplate and yet miraculously seeks a relationship with me. God also seeks to constantly move creation (us and the world) toward a greater good. The Holy Spirit is my sustainer, my inner spiritual voice, my comforter, and even my spiritual confronter. The primary role of the pastor is to serve.

I need Trinity to know that I am who I am because of God. God called me and I couldn’t help but answer. My call to ministry came while consulting in Washington DC, and while holding a cocaine addicted baby surrounded by religious and highly placed political figures. As lofty as that may sound, I know that it’s not about me. I am saved by grace and that God will and has placed me wherever I may be needed. Finally, the question I would love to ask you is, what do you need me to be, and what do you want to become? So there you have it. Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll do my best to answer as honestly as I can. I look forward to running this race with you.

In Faith,
Pastor Brad

To All of the Beloved Members of Trinity,

Something happened Sunday that rarely happens for me, I was left speechless! Your generous cash gift, the cards, the basket of lavender products, the prayer shawl and the quilt were all so amazing! And so many of you came to the parking lot for my last service. Getting to wave at you as you drove by warmed both Jenny and my hearts.

So thank you for everything! We will enjoy re-reading the cards when we get to Tennessee and thinking of all of you. We will snuggle under the quilt and wrap ourselves in the prayer shawl and feel your love and prayers. We will use the lavender items and think of the purple beauty of this area. And we will do something special with the cash gift to enhance our new home and pamper ourselves just a bit. So thank you for your love, not just now but over the nine years we were together. We leave in a week for our new home but you will ever be in our hearts.

With Much Love,
Bill and Jenny Green