Contributions to the Trinity website

Contributions to the Trinity United Methodist Church website are welcome.

Photos and video

Photos and video of events are appreciated. Please note:

  • Photos and video should be contributed by the photographer. Please do not submit photos found on the web, or from magazines, newspapers, or some other copyrighted source.
  • Please include the name of the photographer, and indicate if you wish to be credited with the photo. A credit would appear as something like “Photo by Abdellila Isabel Francois.”
  • Please be mindful of privacy and personal security. Generally speaking, photos and video taken in private homes, of children, or of those suffering from physical or emotional distress cannot be used.
  • Photos and video should be accompanied by a text description of the subject. Not everyone can clearly see photos and video, and a caption can explain what they may not clearly see.
  • Captions should be descriptive, not poetic or aspirational. “A beautiful sunrise” is not as useful as “A beautiful sunrise in the Olympics on Easter morning.”


While the World Wide Web may have lots of photos, video, graphics, and sound, the web is mostly text.

  • Please write in complete sentences and paragraphs.
  • Please avoid acronyms and abbreviations. VBS may mean Vacation Bible School to you, but mean Visualization-Based Security or Visual Basic Script or Veterinary and Biological Sciences to someone else.
  • Please spell out dates: Dec. 5, 2020, should be December 5, 2020; the 5th of July should be July 5; next Wed. should be next Wednesday.
  • Be aware of Methodist Speak. While almost any Methodist knows what a Fellowship Hall might be, others might think of it as a “church hall” or “assembly room” or “multi-purpose room.” A Wesleyan hymn may be descriptive to Methodists, but hymns by Charles Wesley may be more descriptive to others.
  • Please avoid including:
    • Personal phone numbers. These are harvested by scammers in order to send out nuisance and sometimes harmful phone calls.
    • Personal email addresses. Again, these are harvested by scammers.
    • Personal information such as home addresses, age, gender, health status, etc.
  • Write in the third person if at all possible. Avoid using “I,” “me,” and “my,” as information on the website represents the congregation, not individuals.

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An example photograph:

Pinwheels made in the crafts session of Vacation Bible School for the Young At Heart
Pinwheels made in the crafts session of Vacation Bible School for the Young At Heart. Photo by Lawrence Charters.