Thank you!

Note from Gay Lyn Lillagore, Worship Chairperson:

Well, we are through Christmas week and almost to the end of 2020. It is unbelievable to me how quickly this COVID19 year has gone. Sort of argues with the quote “time flies when you are having fun”, doesn’t it?

During Advent, there have been a lot of folks working hard so that our worship experience via recordings provide a worthwhile worship experience.

I just want to take a few moments to say thank you to everyone who helped with the Advent series. Keeping safe was a major concern and Pastor Brad was very thoughtful when he set up the taping schedule. He was concerned about the number of people in the sanctuary at any given time and was diligent in reminding us to wear our masks and observe “social distancing”. (By the way, I really look forward to hugs and conversations in person with all of you and not being “socially distanced”.)

A special thank you for the following:

Pastor Brad — your leadership, humor, and inspirational sermons are very appreciated. For the week of December 14th, he had prepared four (4) sermons and services and delivered them in a 2-day span. The service for December 20th and the Darkest Night service on Tuesday then on Wednesday, the Christmas Eve Service, and finally the service for December 27th. His preparation and delivery were amazing.

Kathleen Charters — Such a beautiful job of helping to gather our wondering thought with her prayers each week. Her kind and giving nature really were highlighted with each prayer she shared with us.

Lawrence Charters — the hours that Lawrence devotes to editing and setting up each week’s service is such a gift to our church. This isn’t just during Advent but every single week. We can’t thank him enough for his dedication.

Sight & Sound Team

Curt Alexander and Pam Bennett have spent many hours doing what they do best so that our services are seen and heard by all who tune in. Each week was a little different creating details that had to be changed many times “on the fly”. Again, we are fortunate to have these two folks who work so hard for all of us.

The Music Team

Jerry, Donna, Pauline, and Terry worked tirelessly to present not only special music for each service but also a hymn leader for each recording, preludes, and postludes. We are blessed to have these very talented people in our church. I personally witnessed several hours that they practiced and organized music for our services—not including their practice time at home and for the time needed for their weekly Music Team meetings. Their dedication provided a wonderful music experience for our Advent season.

There is also an “unofficial” member of that team that has added so much to our services. Randy Grubbs took on the challenge of conquering technology and provided recordings for the special music (sometimes filmed in different locations), worked on getting our announcements very nicely displayed at the beginning of our services as well as taking some wonderful photos to help us experience the sights of the Christmas season. In addition, Randy and Donna have driven around and captured many folks on video so we can have some time together to say hello via the marvels of technology.

The Drama Team

Margaret Cox — thank you for all the writing you did for our dramas each week. You obviously spent a lot of time referencing scripture and Pastor Brad’s sermons to make them so meaningful and applicable. Patty Davis- thank you for your help with all the costumes needed for the Actors. Even while you were facing some surgery, you provided the period-appropriate dress for all of us.

The Cast & Crew

About 36 people took the time to help with these weekly services. We had Advent Candle Lighters, Scripture Readers, Narrators, and Actors. Everyone did such a wonderful job and honored the “stay safe” rules. Thank you to Andy Pitts and Ken Lillagore for putting up the stable. Thank you to Marian for all her help and for allowing us to utilize office items when needed for the services.

I know this is a lot longer than you probably wished it was and I am sure I have forgotten someone or something but, please know that we appreciate everyone who helped us make this Covid19 Advent season so inspirational and uplifting.