Revised TUMC COVID Protocols

Taking into consideration Guidelines from the CDC, State, and Pacific Northwest Annual Conference, at their meeting on March 28, 2022, the Administrative Council developed and approved new guidelines, with fewer restrictions, at Trinity United Methodist Church:

  • Verification of vaccination status will no longer be required.
  • Sign-in for everyone entering the building will still be required.
  • Beginning Sunday, April 2, 2022, the following will be in effect:
    • Masks will be optional with the exception of singing (both choir and congregation).
    • Social distancing protocols are encouraged in the congregation, but still required for the choir.
    • The celebration of Holy Communion will resume having celebrants come forward to receive the elements.
    • Current social distancing protocols are encouraged in the restrooms and anywhere in the building.
    • Outside groups will be subject to these same COVID updates.
  • The Kitchen Committee has returned to serving refreshments after worship as of May 2022.
  • The Tim’s Place board will research the COVID requirements necessary to begin meeting, and will report their recommendations to the Ad Council for a vote.
  • In case of a COVID contact or diagnosis, continue the policy of notifying the church office or Jim Stoffer, TUMC’s Contact Person.

As this phased approach to changing COVID restrictions is in effect, we will show our love to our church family, and community, by respecting everyone’s choice in wearing a mask and/or maintaining social distancing. The COVID situation will continue to be monitored, and changes may be made to either reinstate certain restrictions or further open up.