Global Missions

Judy Griffin in Ghana
Judy Griffin in Ghana

Our Missions ministry team educates and coordinates activities within our congregation that relate to the connectional mission work of the United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Church is not just one church, nor a conference full of churches. The UMC is God’s ministry to others all over the globe.

The church’s ministry reaches people who have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our ministry feeds people who are starving, rebuilds homes lost in disasters, and gives hope to children who have none. The ministry of the UMC is in action every day, changing lives in the world for good and helping others know Christ.

This mechanism provides a way that churches of all sizes can be active partners in mission around the world.

The United Methodist Church accomplishes its many goals through the various agencies it supports. Agencies supported include Hope for the Children of Africa, The United Women in Faith,, Volunteers in Mission, and United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR),