Pastors, United Methodist Church in Sequim


Robert C.Lee*, Sept. 1894-Sept. 1896

[1895-Methodist Community Church built on Sequim Avenue & Fir Street]

L.M. Haworth (Supply Pastor)*, Dec. 1896-Sept. 1898

[1897-first Conference appointment]

H.D.Wadsworth*, Sept. 1898-Jan. 1899

S.G.Jones*, March 1899-Sept. 1899


W. M.Welch*, Sept. 1899-Sept. 1901

T.S.Dyer*, Sept. 1901-Sept. 1902

A.H.Marsh*, Sept. 1902-Sept. 1903

George F. Graham*, Jan. 1904-Jan. 1905

T.S. Winey (Supply Pastor), Jan. 1905-May 1905

G.A. Voris (Supply Pastor), May 1905-Sept. 1905

A.J. McNemee, Sept. 1905-Sept. 1907

A. Davis (Supply Pastor), Sept. 1907-June 1910


C.N. Goulder (Supply Pastor), June 1910-Jan. 1911

F.R.Mathews (Supply Pastor), Jan. 1911-Sept. 1911

A.B.Simpson (Supply Pastor), Sept. 1911-Sept. 1913

R.C.Johnson*, 1913

E.R. Colwell*, 1914

Furman F. Frisbie, Sept. 1915-Sept. 1916

C.W. McLaughlin (Supply Pastor), Sept. 1916-Sept. 1917

W. H. W.Rees, Jr., Sept. 1917

Robert C.Hartley, April 1918-Sept. 1920


W.L. Airheart, Sept.- Nov. 1920

Ernest J. Bates, Nov. 1920-Sept. 1924

T.W. Bundy, Sept. 1924-Sept. 1925

J.M. Amundson (Supply Pastor), Sept. 1925-Sept. 1928

D.Stanley McGuire (Supply Pastor) Sept. 1928-June 1930


[1929-Trinity Methodist-Episcopal Church rebuilt on the same site]

Benjamin H. Hart, June 1930-June 1935

Virgil A.Kraft, June 1935-June 1937

Decatur N. Lacy, June 1937-June 1938

William G.R. Dann, June 1938-June 1945


Margaret Davis (Supply Pastor), June 1945-June 1946


R. Clinton McGaffee, June 1946-June 1952

Fletcher Forster, Nov. 1952-June 1957

J. Dean Stout, June 1957-June 1959

Robert C. Ward, June 1959-June 1963


Vincent S. Hart, Jr., June 1963-June 1966

Jerry F. Smith, June 1966-June 1970


Bruce B. Groseclose, June 1970-June 1973

Elmer L. Bigham, June 1973-June 1982


Earl L. Dean, June 1982-June 1988

Roger W. Barr, June 1988-June 1997


[1991-New church (Trinity United Methodist) built on Blake Avenue; Sequim Avenue church building sold to Boys & Girls Club]

Earl H. Rice June 1997-June 2001


Gisela E.Taber June 2001-June 2007

William Gordon June 2007-June 2011


William G. Green June 2011-June 2020


Bradley Beeman July 2020-August 2021

Joey Olson, September 2021-June 2022 Desi Larson, July 2022-

Sources: Church records, supplemented by information published in Methodism in the Northwest, by Erle Howell, Parthenon Press, 1966, p. 435.

* Appointment shared with Dungeness church.

A Supply Pastor is a layperson appointed by the District Superintendent to serve as pastor of a local church, usually to fill a short-term/temporary need for pastoral leadership.