February 6, 2022: One Body and One Spirit

Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany


Scripture: Ephesians 4:1-7

  • “I Want Jesus to Walk With Me,” “Let Us Break Bread Together,” “Great Day!” Traditional spirituals, arr. by Joel Raney; Donna Grubbs, piano; Pauline Olsen, organ
  • Choral introduction: “My Tribute,” by Andrae Crouch; Trinity Octet
  • Hymn 2274: “Come, All You People (Uyai Mose),” by Alexander Gondo
  • Hymn 3140: “Give Me Jesus,” traditional spiritual
  • “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,” traditional spiritual, arr. by William Arms Fisher; Pauline Olsen, organ
  • Special music: “My Lord, What a Morning,” traditional spiritual, arr. by Mark Hayes; Patty Shoop, vocal
  • Scripture: Ephesians 4:1-7; Jim Stoffer
  • Sermon: “One Body and One Spirit,” Pastor Joey Olson
  • Hymn 521: “I Want Jesus to Walk with Me,” traditional spiritual
  • “I’m A-Rolling (in the service of the Lord)” arr. by William Arms Fisher; Pauline Olsen, organ
  • Hymns sung by the Trinity Octet: Dick Berryman, Ken Burres, Tom Dowdell, Jackie Middaugh, Patty Shoop, Ely Springer, Marilyn Toth, Dennis Westeren