November 28, 2021: Do Not Be Afraid Mary

First Sunday of Advent

Do Not Be Afraid Mary


Scripture: Luke 1:26-38

  • The lighting of the Advent Candle: Patricia Guthrie and Jim Stoffer
  • Carol 213: “Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates,” by Georg Weissel
  • Carol 211: “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel,” translated by Henry Sloane Coffin and Laurence Hull Stookey
  • Bethlehem Barn: Jerry Wright, Narrator; Randy Grubbs, Donkey; Margaret Cox, Cow; Judy Croonquist, Lamb
  • Carol 184: “Of the Father’s Love Begotten,” by Aurelius Clemens Prudentius
  • Carol 196: “Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus,” by Charles Wesley
  • Special Music: “To a Maid Engaged to Joseph, ” words by G. Grindal, music by R. Edwards; Stacey Fradkin, vocals
  • Tableau with Mary and Gabriel: Becky Morgan, Dennis Westeren
  • Scripture: Luke 1:26-38; Gay Lyn Lillagore
  • Sermon: “Do Not Be Afraid, Mary!” Pastor Joey Olson
  • Carol 210: “Toda la Tierra (All Earth Is Waiting),” by Alberto Taulè
  • “The King Shall Come When Morning Dawns,” by John Brownlie, arr. by Lani Smith from Kentucky Harmony; Pauline Olsen, organ