November 7, 2021: Seek and You Will Find

Twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost

Seek and You Will Find


Scripture: Luke 11:5-13

  • Prelude: “Fairest Lord Jesus,” Arr. by Tedd Smith and Don Hustad; Pauline Olsen, organ, and Jerry Wright, vocal
  • Hymn 3121, “If You Believe and I Believe and We Together Pray,” Zimbabwean Traditional
  • Hymn 405, “Seek Ye First,” by Karen Lafferty
  • Special Music: “Trio #1 in G Minor,” by Rheihberger; Terry Reitz, organ
  • Sermon: “Seek and You Will Find,” Pastor Joey Olson
  • Scripture: Luke 11:5-13; Dennis Westeren
  • Hymn 580: “Lead on, O King Eternal,” by Ernest W. Shurtleff
  • “March,” by J.S. Bach, arr. by Martin Setchell; Terry Reitz, organ