October 31, 2021: All Saints Sunday

All Saints Sunday

Who Do You Say That I Am?


Scripture: Mark 8:27-33

  • “Prelude,” by Arcangelo Corelli, Arr. by Joseph Clokey; Terry Reitz, organ
  • Hymn 711: “For All the Saints,” by William W. How
  • Hymn 3105, “In Christ Alone,” by Keith Getty
  • Special Music: “Divinum Mysterium, Of the Father’s Love Begotten,” by Joe Utterback; Pauline Olsen, organ
  • Scripture: Mark 8:27-33; Becky Morgan
  • Sermon: “Who Do You Say That I Am?” Pastor Joey Olsen
  • Hymn 2130, “The Summons,” by John Bell
  • “Badinerie from Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B minor,” by J.S. Bach; Terry Reitz, organ